The film

An odyssey to the outer limits of the earth from the heart of the Latin tropics | Five Venezuelans leave their destinies painted on the canvas of the most frigid region of the world | Greenland, the world’s largest island located in the Arctic Circle, is host to an expedition without precedents | Finse, a minuscule town among the Norwegian mountains, welcomes the expedition as the team trains for their adventure | A relentless winter storm pummels furiously at the most enduring of wills | Greenland is the objective, but first they most meet the challenges of the Himalayas and the polar regions | Mind and body surrendering to the power of nature | Join us on a journey to one of the most remote regions of the world with an incredibly accomplished expedition team | Experience the communion between man and a world that, beyond astonishing backdrops, steals their hearts, seizes their minds, and takes their lives.

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